Las Vegas Wine Academy

Wine Seminar Level 2

LVWA Wine Seminar Level 2

3 days + certification

Next In-person sessions:

- Saturday, Sunday and Monday November 6th-8th, from 9am-5pm.

A comprehensive wine course for anyone wishing to hold extensive knowledge of the main wines of the world, assess quality  and give professional recommendations.
3 days, 10am-5pm
More than 20 wines to taste
Price: $499/ person

3-day seminar

- Learn about the major Wine producing countries and their wine regions
- Get familiar with the factors affecting the Wine style, quality and price
- Gain extensive knowledge on label terminology and Wine Classifications

- Make Wine recommendations like a pro!

The perfect course to set yourself apart. You will gain advanced wine skills and an extensive comprehension of the Wine World.

You will study the top Wine Producing Countries in the world and their main Wine regions:
- France
- Italy
- Spain and Portugal
- United States
- Germany

You will discover the many factors that influence a Wine style, quality and price.

A better understanding of these factors will lead to a better comprehension of the major grape varieties and wine regions in which they are grown.

During 3 days, you will learn about the most important wine regulations and classifications of the major wine regions in the world.

You will also learn how to understand and read a Wine Label, front and back, by learning the specific terminology.

After discovering the Systematic Tasting Approach in the LVWA Level 1, you will reinforce your tasting skills by learning how to apply the STA method to every wine you taste for a better wine quality assessment.

We will help you go through this process by analyzing more than 20 wines during the seminar.

We want to give you as many tasting opportunities as possible so you can gain confidence to choose, advise and recommend a wine in a professional setting.

Finally yet importantly, we will give you the tools you need to open and serve a bottle of wine in a professional environment as a Sommelier.

At the end of the Seminar, you will have improved knowledge of:

- The major wine producing countries

- Their most important Wine regions

- The Wine styles and grapes specific to each of these regions
- The factors influencing a Wine style, quality and price
- How to understand a Wine Label
- The Wine regulations and classifications

- How to taste wine using the STA professional method
- How to make professional wine recommendations
- How to properly open and serve wine


You will have a two-hour exam including 50 multiple-choice questions, and the opening and service of one bottle of Wine.

You will need 60% correct answers to pass.

You have 10 days after the seminar to take the exam. Please contact us to make time and day arrangements.

Upon successful completion, candidates will receive a Las Vegas Wine Academy certificate and lapel pin.


You must be 21 year old to register and be present during the entire course of the seminar.


Our new office is located in a safe business neighborhood in North Las Vegas, at about 10 minutes from the strip. For privacy reasons, the address is only given to participants after registration.