Wine and Spirits Education

You dream to become a Wine connoisseur ?

You want to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of Wine, Spirits and wine pairings ?

You want to start a new career in the wine industry ?

Maybe you are just passionate about wine and you want to go deeper in your expertise ?

Our full day course are exactly what you need. We will help you understand the world of wine without headache !

You will become am expert in 2 days and start your wine journey!

Wine & Spirits courses

Life changing Seminar - Become a Wine Specialist in 2 days:
- Learn about the most well-known grape varietals and wine regions
- Get familiar with wine & food pairing
- Start a new career in the wine industry

A complete introduction to Wine.
2 days / 16 hours
More than 30 wines to taste
349$/ person
Lunch included

Ready to finally make a change in your life ?
If you have always been passionate about wine and now, you would like to go deeper in your expertise to become a Wine Specialist,

If you want to start a new career in the wine industry or acquire more skills in your current position:

- Our Life changing Seminar is exactly what you need.

When you start studying wine, you realize that tasting is a big part of your training.
That's why before anything, the first thing we will teach you is how to taste, describe and evaluate a wine.

We will help you go through this process by analyzing more than 30 wines from all over the world.

You will also review the basics of wine.
A hands-on introduction to the world of wine to develop your skills.
You will become familiar with the factors that influence wine, wine & food pairing as well as vinification and viticulture.

During 2 days, you will learn about the most popular grape Varietals:
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Merlot
- Pinot Noir
- Malbec
- Shiraz
- Tempranillo
- Zinfandel
- Chardonnay
- Sauvignon Blanc
- Riesling
- Pinot Gris
- Chenin Blanc

You will discover the main Wine Countries and their notorious Wine regions:
- France
- Italy
- Spain/Portugal
- Germany
- United States
- Argentina/Chile
- Australia

At the end of the Seminar, you will know:

- How to taste wine
- How to describe and evaluate a wine
- The influencing wine factors,
- The basics of vinification,
- The basics of viticulture
- Wine & food pairing
- The most popular grape varietals
- The most important Wine types
- The Main Wine countries
- The most Well-known wine regions

Let us help you become a specialist in Wine and join us for this one time opportunity to change your life.

The assesment is by an exam of 50 multiple-choice questions, taking place at the end of the second day.
Student will have 1 hour to achieve the exam. You will need 60% of positive answers to pass.
Upon successful completion you will receive a Las Vegas Wine Academy certificate and label pin.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. You must be 21 year old.

Seminar location:
10450 S Eastern Avenue
Henderson, NV 89052

It's time to invest in yourself:

Wine certification / Become a Wine Specialist in 2 days

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